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How To Delete a Facebook Page

Before we know how to delete a Facebook Page with New Pages experience I am telling you why someone might want to delete a Facebook page.

There are multiple common reasons

  1. Irrelevant or Outdated Information: The page may no longer be relevant or contain outdated information that doesn’t reflect the current status or goals of the person or business.
  2. Rebranding: Businesses may undergo rebranding, and the old page may not align with the new brand identity, necessitating the creation of a new page.
  3. Inactive Page: If the page is no longer active or managed, it might be better to delete it to avoid any confusion or misrepresentation.
  4. Negative Feedback: Sometimes, a page may receive overwhelming negative feedback or spam that could harm the reputation of the person or business
  5. Privacy Concerns: The owner might have privacy concerns or prefer not to have a public presence on Facebook.
  6. Duplication: There might be duplicate pages for the same business or entity, and deleting one can help consolidate followers and interactions on a single page.
  7. Business Closure: If a business closes down, the owners might want to delete the page to prevent future customers from being misled.
  8. Personal Reasons: Individuals might choose to delete a page for personal reasons, such as a desire to reduce their online footprint or due to personal changes in interest or focus.

Here is the step-by-step guide To Delete a Facebook New Page Experience

  1. You must be an admin of the page that you want to delete.
  2. Go to and login to your account.
  3. Switch to that page you want to delete, to switch to the page click on the top right corner profile picture and click on the page.
  4. After switching on the page, go to the top right corner and click on the page’s profile picture.
  5. Click Settings & privacy and then click Settings.
  6. On the left side menu, Click Access and Control.
  7. Select Delete Page and click on Continue.
  8. Follow the steps, in this process, you must enter your login password to complete the process.

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